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Sublative with IPL Photo-facial 120 minutes

Price: $699



Have that fresh youthful glow you once had with Sublative! 

Erase Wrinkles and Sun Damage with eMatrix Plus!

Comprehensive Rejuvenation in one single step! eMatrix treatments improve tone and texture while erasing wrinkles! 

This treatment includes, IPL Photo-Facial face & Chest, Sublative Full Face 

This popular 2 step treatment used by many top doctors around the country uses the elos SRA hand piece (IPL) to perform a full facial rejuvenation for color correction, immediately followed by the elos Sublative treatment for wrinkles, acne scars, and textural irregularities.
This treatment is ideal for patients who are looking to even out the tone and texture in the face, eliminate wrinkles, and tighten lax areas without the cumbersome downtime that affects their social lives.  Limited downtime with two days of pinkness and two days of micro-crusting, patients are able to resume their normal activities and cover with mineral makeup after 24 hours.  The eMatrix treatment using the elos Plus system is perfect for today’s results driven exacting patients whom would not be a candidate or consider outdated aggressive resurfacing techniques that produce 7 days downtime.  

Proven resurfacing technologies safe on all skin types! Price is per treatment.