Skin Tightening Sublime w/ eMatrix IR Face & Neck 60 minutes

Price: $189




It’s a fact of life: as we age our skin loses its ability to retain
moisture and its elasticity.

Sublime Skin Contouring

This treatment will reverse the signs of aging without downtime and will
provide an overall more youthful appearance. The sublime combines laser
light energy and radiofrequency energy to stimulate the production of
new collagen. The areas most often treated are the eyes, brow lines,
cheeks, jowls, face and neck.

How does Sublime work?

The Sublime from Syneron combines infrared light (700-2000nm) with
bipolar conducted radiofrequency. The combination of light energy and
radiofrequency energy is used to deeply heat layers of the skin while
protecting the surface of the skin simultaneously. Medium to deep
heating of the skin activates fibroblasts signaling new collagen to form
and existing collagen to tighten. This will cause immediate collagen
contraction as well as new collagen production which will occur over a
4-6 month period.

What benefits can I expect?

In most patients a definite but modest to moderate improvement in the
area treated is expected. For facial procedures and depending on the
areas being treated you can expect decreased sagging at the jawline, a
more toned central cheek area, and a firmer, less lax neck. Fine lines
and wrinkles will also be improved and this treatment will leave you
with a smoother and more uniform complexion. For best results we do
suggest 3 treatments at monthly intervals. A follow-up consultation will
be performed 6 months post treatment and maintenance treatments are
generally recommended every 6 months.

The Basics of eMatrix™

One of the newest treatments to be introduced, eMatrix™ is a unique
procedure that goes beyond fractional skin resurfacing. This non-laser
and non-light-based treatment uses fractioned bipolar radio frequency
technology, also referred to as RF sublation. The applicator delivers
the radio frequency energy directly into the skin, creating deep dermal
heating to induce injury to the skin. This triggers a wound healing
response not only from the targeted area, but also from the surrounding
tissue, which helps accelerate the process, leading to tighter,
rejuvenated skin. eMatrix™ effectively improves the look of wrinkles,
scars, skin texture, tone and lesions.

The Benefits and Side Effects of eMatrix™

There are many benefits to the eMatrix™ skin tightening treatment. Not
only does it deliver noticeable results, but it achieves them in a short
period and with minimal downtime. Most sessions only last 10 to 20
minutes, depending on the extent of the patient’s condition. Generally,
eMatrix™ treatments require three sessions spaced four to six weeks
apart. Also, eMatrix™ features the SelectPulse system that has three
programs so physicians can customize treatment for each patient. This
system allows for the depth and intensity of dermal heating to be
adjusted so each patient can get a personal treatment that fits their
needs. Another benefit is that the eMatrix™ is safe for all skin types.

The eMatrix™ treatment yields few side effects, and they tend to be very
mild. Side effects include redness and swelling that can last anywhere
from a couple hours to a couple days. There is a small risk of skin
wounds, hypo- or hyper-pigmentation and the formation of scabs. Patients
should not go tanning or be overexposed to the sun during treatment, as
this may increase the chance of side effects.